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Strategic Planning ExpertStrategic Planning is a critical component within any modern business. Without a fully integrated business plan that aligns your teams and core competencies, your business will struggle to be successful in the 21st century. It’s now time to rethink our approach relying on how “we always do things round here” and consider how we can put the shopper truly at the heart of our thinking.

We are category, shopper and consumer experts with one clear purpose: to drive business growth by unearthing shopper & category insights within the strategic planning process.

We ‘simplify the complex’ by putting the shopper, category and retailer at the heart of our thinking to provide commercially grounded ‘store back’ solutions which grow your brands. We think what impact do we want to make at shelf in the retail environment and work backwards to ensure what we do at shelf is linked to insights and data to support changes. At the very cornerstone of our success lies the ability to create partnerships and develop mutual growth strategies that engage the retailer and delight the shopper at POP. Our results are commercially grounded solutions that work in today’s challenging retail environment.

We work with a variety of leading consumer goods companies, creative agencies and management consultancies to ensure the voice of both the shopper and the category is grounded in every outcome. We have a strong 3 year partnership with POPAI as an industry recognised leader in shopper marketing and marketing at retail. We work together to integrating retailer, category and brand thinking within the strategic planning process to apologetically put the shopper at the heart of everything we do.

At our core we are FMCG experts with experience across a range of categories including ice cream, beer, wine, spirits, pharmaceuticals, confectionery, soft drinks, dairy, vitamins, pet food, prams, greeting cards across multiple sectors including – grocery, convenience, shopping centers & pharmacies channels.

The result – Grow conversion. Grow consumption. Grow brands.